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Chapter Two



Laura was with me while I was floating. How could I float with such a heavy anchor in my heart? Laura, my identical twin sister. But when I looked at her, it wasn’t like looking in the mirror. It was like peering through the tunnels of time to glimpse my future self. Me, at eighty, maybe ninety. Me, balding with only a few strands of reddish blond hair remaining, wrinkled and so very, very old. Me, eyes wise and resigned…but with a tiny spark of fear.

And then the fish nibbled, the shells scratched, and the seaweed tickled; the water wrinkled my skin and I drifted.


Other thoughts floated with me. Had I sent Kevin and Amy their postcards? Had Mrs. Poltzgeit remembered to come water our plants? Would Kevin and I share more than just the couple quick kisses we’d snagged?

And Laura…would Laura live until we graduated from high school?

The fish nibbled and I was floating…endlessly.


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