Fast Forward

What if you skipped 26 years of your life?

When the small plane she’s in crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, high school senior Natalie Raider disappears. Her friends and family assume she’s gone. Then she reappears, almost 30 years later…and she’s still somehow 17 years old.

But the world has gone on without her, leaving her completely out of place and isolated. Gone is big hair that entraps low-flying bird species; gone are stirrup pants and The Smurfs; gone are Michael Jackson and international goodwill for America.

Instead, she’s in a culture of flash mobs, high-tech cars, texting dates, school violence, and social media piranhas who are eager to eat her alive.

Worse, a secret left unaddressed from the past has now snowballed into a problem that could cost Natalie everything. The choice is hers: Adapt to the new world, or make a sacrifice that could fix her timetable and make things right. But is it worth losing the new love she’s found in the present…and any hope for a future at all?

What People are Saying About

“Time travel stories can be tricky, but this one delivers, and the glimpses into the 80s are spot on.”

“The author has a knack for storytelling, bringing the story to life and immersing you in all of the sights, sounds and culture shock experienced by a teen of the 80’s who suddenly finds herself the 21st century.”

“A page turning suspense. Clean and well written. The story was unlike anything I have read and I loved it.”

A fun, well written story full of great characters and interesting plot twists, combined with 80s nostalgia and a unique way of viewing contemporary society.

Aimed at a YA crowd, the book is a quick, fun read and I found myself reading ‘just one more chapter.'”

I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to see how the story would end!”

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Chapter 1

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but let me tell you this: That night, in the dark school hallway, the instant I snapped that picture? Time went into major warp speed, and I was not having the least bit of fun.

That’s because three hours of waiting in the darkness for that photo opp had made me both twitchy and a little reckless, so after I took the shot, I jumped up, yelled, “This is for Laura!” and then promptly crashed into the janitor’s mop bucket trying to make my getaway.


Chapter 2

I was floating.

Hungry fish tentatively nibbled my fingers and toes, then darted away. Coarse shells scratched at me when I was pulled close to shore, then seaweed tickled away the scratches as I was sucked back out to sea. The sun warmed me, the night chilled.

At least, that’s what I thought. Your mind does that to you. It plays tricks.


Chapter 3

The floating stopped with a jarring return to gravity and scorching, mind-scrambling light, searing my retinas and scissoring through my brain like a laser. The weight of gravity, pushing me into the gurney as we rolled over bumpy ground. The heaviness of my body.

Then, with a gasp, I breathed.


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It all started with a four-inch book written in green crayon on peach paper, called “The Rabbet and Dog and Cat.” Yes, I realize that’s not how rabbit is spelled. I know that now. But when I was five, I wasn’t worried about the spelling. I was too busy creating my masterpiece (“illustrated by the author”). Today, my features appear in publications such as: Parents, Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, American Baby, FamilyFun, Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, and others.

I also spend a significant amount of time (and enthusiasm!) creating motion graphics and video effects. You can see more of my work with that at my alter ego’s website, Kathleen M. Reilly.

But it’s novel writing that lets me unleash my imagination and take a real journey along with readers. Please let me know what you think about any of my books — I love chatting with fellow book lovers!

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